carpentry1 Opportunities:

  • Employment in trade or trade related occupations
  • Carpenters Union
  • Associate Degree – Program of Studies
    • Community College of Allegheny County
    • Triangle Tech
    • Pennsylvania College of Technology

Program Description:

This course will prepare students to interpret designs and specifications in order to build residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Students learn to erect, install and repair structures using all types of construction material, as well as to estimate and select the specific materials needed for each project. Students learn to lay out projects using the framing square, transit and various measuring, cutting and assembling instruments. They also learn to apply interior and exterior finishes and to fit and install prefabricated cabinets, plastic laminates, floor and ceiling tiles, insulation, weather-stripping, finish hardware and locksets.

 carpentry2 Career Possibilities:

  • Carpenter
  • Builder
  • Estimator
  • Job Superintendent
  • Foreman/Manager
  • Sales Representative