Cooperative Education


Students can learn while they earn through Cooperative Education or Co-op. Co-op is a school program that provides jobs related to students’ career goals. Students learn from skilled worksite supervisors who share their expertise. They earn by receiving a competitive wage, grades, credits towards graduation, and a valuable work place experience that starts them out on the pathway to life.To be recommended to a partner employer, students must meet the basic skill requirements for their program and have good work habits and attitudes.Once placed in a position, students spend one half of the day at the sending school district taking academic subjects and the other half on the job. Once every other week, students attend the CTC to meet with the Co-op Coordinator and their trade instructor. The Co-op Coordinator also visits worksites regularly.

Co-op is designed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and actual real-world employment. Students in Co-op increase maturity and responsibility, enhance their problem-solving skills, and refine their career goals.

*Photos were taken on-site at one of our Co-Op Partners, Brownsville Marine Products.