What is a Career & Technology Center (CTC)?

It is an off-campus addition to your own high school, offering training in occupational, vocational, and technical programs.

When do students attend the Mon Valley CTC?

Students attend MVCTC on a half-day basis each day of the school year. First year students spend the morning at the CTC and return to their home school in the afternoon for academic instruction. Second and third year students begin the day at their home school and arrive at the CTC in the afternoon.

Will transportation be furnished to students attending the school?

Yes. The home school district will furnish transportation to all CTC students.
All students attending the CTC will be bused to and from school.

How will MVCTC help me?

The education you receive at MVCTC will open doors for you. You will learn new skills that are valued by employers. You will experience real-life work situations in your chosen career field and you will have options to continue your education after high school.

Is college an option after MVCTC?

Many MVCTC graduates continue their education in colleges, technical schools or apprenticeships. MVCTC programs provide practical experience to complement a student’s academic interests. Almost every program at MVCTC offers students an opportunity to earn advanced credits through agreements with various post-secondary institutions. However, the student must select the proper academic subjects at their home school to be eligible.

May students enrolled in MVCTC participate in activities at their home school?

Students are encouraged to participate in athletics and activities at their school. In addition, students will have an opportunity to make new friends and exercise leadership abilities in student organizations at MVCTC including SkillsUSA.