Guidance Services

An important additional service to our student’s education is our Guidance services. The Mon Valley CTC Guidance Office stands ready to implement effective counseling techniques to assist all students in career or academic decision making, and assist students in negotiating difficulties throughout the school day. Students may schedule an appointment with the Guidance Office during class time to see the Counselor. Students can also report directly to the Guidance Office in the event of a situation that requires urgent counseling assistance.  Many times minor issues may be solved by a private discussion with your guidance counselor and/or teacher.

Some of the main areas in which you may need counseling are listed below:

  • Educational planning (secondary students)
  • Educational planning beyond graduation
  • Career education materials and counseling
  • Employment counseling
  • Conflicts with other students
  • Problems in class at Mon Valley CTC
  • Personal problems

Guidance in career education is a function emphasized by schools throughout the United States. It is provided to help people select, develop skills, knowledge and attitudes in the chosen career most compatible to the interest and abilities of the individual and the needs of the world of work. Career education begins in grade one or earlier and continues throughout the adult years.  The Guidance Office at Mon Valley CTC has materials that will help the student obtain information concerning the careers available.

The Guidance Office organizes career events throughout the year which gives students the opportunity to meet with representatives of a variety of employers, post-secondary trade schools and colleges, as well as the military.