Applied Math I

This is a one year course divided into 15 units. Each unit relates to a different math topic. The material focuses on arithmetic operations, problem-solving techniques, estimation of answers, measurement skills, data handling, signed numbers and vectors, geometry, and scientific notation. Applied Math I draws on the student’s basic skills and utilizes them in solving hands-on laboratory and practical, everyday problems, as well as technology related problems.

Applied Math II

This is a second-year course designed for those students who have successfully completed Applied Math I. It is a one year course divided into 15 units. Applied Math II introduces advanced math concepts in a way that students learn how to apply the idea rather than simply learning the theory behind it. Topics covered include precision and accuracy, powers and roots, using formulas to solve problems, linear equations and graphing data, and the introduction of variables and factoring. The topics are related to practical as well as technological problems.

Prerequisites: Applied Math I and approval of Mon Valley CTC Math Teacher